Residency & Scholarly Project


During your coursework stage, you will complete a residency in IDT across four courses:

  • IDT 7070
  • IDT 7080
  • IDT 7090
  • IDT 7060
  • IDT 8500

The purpose of the residency is to provide you with significant time for sustained participation with peers and faculty members in scholarly and creative activities related to the field of IDT. Residency is expected to be a vehicle for socialization into the shared IDT community. Expected outcomes include the acquisition of Knowledge of the disciple and scholarly inquiry, development of discipline specific and research skills, and the incorporation of professional values.

During residency, more specifically, during IDT 7060, 7070,7080, and 7090, you will develop a creative instructional design project and learn how to effectively implement media and technology.

The residency also requires the planning and completion of a Scholarly Research Project. This project must lead to a paper submitted to a peer reviewed journal or accepted for presentation at a national or international conference (e,g, AECT, OLC, ISTE, etc). The development of the Scholarly Research Project and its submission for publication and presentation will occur during IDT 8500.

During IDT 8500, you will develop a literature review or white paper (the Scholarly Research Project) that synthesizes, not simply summarizes, a topic (may be related or unrelated to his/her planned dissertation topic; must focus on a problem of practice). The manuscript will be between 10-15 pages in length, not inclusive of the reference list, title page, or abstract. Following the development of the manuscript, you will revise your it for publication in a refereed scholarly or practitioner  journal or for a presentation at a national or international conference. You will modify the manuscript in accordance to the author/ presenter guidelines set forth by the call for journal articles of conference presentations. You will then submit.  When submitted for publication or presented at a national or international conference, the Scholarly Research Project requirement of residency is fulfilled.


Immediately upon submission for publication or presentation, in IDT 8500, you will submit to your instructor the following paperwork so that your residency and Scholarly Research Project can be approved by the College of Education and the Graduate School and so that you can be cleared to take the comprehensive exam:

During IDT 7060, the instructor will assist you in developing a Residency Plan document to be submitted to and approved the College of Education and the Graduate School.

All materials and form will be submitted to class instructors and the instructor will be responsible for submission to the College of Education and Graduate School, as appropriate.

Looking Ahead: Steps After Coursework

After completion of all coursework, your residency and Scholarly Research Project, you will complete the comprehensive exam.